Farida Jalalzai

Hannah Atkins Chair, Head of Political Science

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201C Murray Hall

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PhD, University of Buffalo, 2004

Dr. Farida Jalalzai is the Hannah Atkins Endowed Chair, Professor and Head of the Department of Political Science. Her research analyzes the representation and behavior of women and minorities in politics and the role of gender in the political arena. Her work focuses on women national leaders. Her first book, Shattered, Cracked and Firmly Intact: Women and the Executive Glass Ceiling Worldwide (Oxford University Press 2013, updated paperback 2016), offers a comprehensive analysis of women, gender, and national leadership positions. Her second book, Women Presidents of Latin America: Beyond Family Ties? (Routledge 2016) is a comparative analysis of women presidents in Latin America. She is coeditor of the volume Measuring Women's Political Empowerment Worldwide (Amy C. Alexander and Catherine Bolzendahl; Palgrave 2018).  She is currently finishing writing her latest book, Senhora Presidenta: Women's Representation in Brazil during Dilma Rousseff's Presidency with Pedro dos Santos (under contract with Temple University Press).

Research Interests

Gender in Politics
Executive Studies
Comparative Politics

Recent Publications

    • Jalalzai, Farida and Meg Rincker. 2018. Blood is Thicker than Water: Family Ties to Political Power Worldwide. Historical Social Research, 43(4): 54-72.
    • Alexander, Amy C. and Farida Jalalzai. 2018.  “The Symbolic Effects of Female Heads of States and Governments.” Politics Groups and Identities.  DOI: 10.1080/21565503.2018.1441034
    • Jalalzai, Farida. 2018. “A Woman President without Women? President Park of South Korea” (with Young-Im Lee). Politics & Gender.
    • Jalalzai, Farida. September 2017. “Hillary Clinton’s 2016 Presidential Bid--A Gendered and Comparative Perspective.” Socius.
    • Jalalzai, Farida. 2016. “Shattered, Not Cracked, The Effect of Women’s Executive Leadership.” Journal of Women, Politics & Policy, 37, 4, 1-25.
    • Alexander, Amy C., Catherine Bolzendahl, and Jalalzai, Farida. 2016. "Defining Women’s Global Political Empowerment: Theories and Evidence." Sociology Compass, 10, 6, 432-441.
    • Jalalzai, Farida and Pedro Dos Santos. 2015. “The Dilma Effect? Women’s Representation under Dilma Rousseff’s Presidency." Politics & Gender, 11, 1, 117–145.