Political Science is one of the most interdisciplinary fields in the social sciences, making it a good choice for students who are interested in pursuing a career in a politics or policy-related field.  With this in mind, the Department of Political Science offers a number of minors that may benefit majors and non-majors alike.  

Political Science (POLS)  

For the non-major interested in building a good knowledge base on the American and/or international political process.  This minor, which gives students the greatest flexibility in pursuing the topics that most interest them, may especially appeal to those pursuing a career in political journalism, scientific policy-making, and consultanting.


15 upper-division hours to include courses from any three fields of political science (public law, American politics, public administration, political theory, comparative politics and international relations), with at least 3 of those hours from a field other than American politics, public law, or public administration

See the current academic catalog for more details. 


Campaigns and Lobbying (CAML)

Ideal for political science majors or non-majors interested in campaign managment work or lobbying following graduation.  This interdisciplinary minor combines core political science courses with electives that build marketing, persuasion, and communication skills.


POLS 3443: Political Campaigns & Candidacy
POLS 3523: Money, Media & Politics
POLS 3533: Lobbying: the Art of Influence and Manipulation
+ 9 credit hours of electives from the pre-approved list in the current academic catalog.   

Intelligence & Security Analysis (INSA)

For students interested in foreign policy, intelligence analysis, or national defense, the Intelligence and Security Analysis minor combines analytic training with practical knowledge of American foreign policy and international affairs.


POLS 2013: Introduction to International Relations
POLS 3103: Introduction to Political Inquiry  or -  POLS 4000: Advanced Topics in American Politics
POLS 4013: American Foreign Policy
+ 9 credit hours of electives from the pre-approved list in the current academic catalog.  

Law & Legal Studies (LLS)

A good minor for majors and non-majors looking to apply to law school or going into a related legal profession, this minor builds the knowledge, research, and writing skills to help students better understand the nature and practice of law. 


POLS 2023: The Individual & the Law  or -  HONR 2013: Law & Legal Institutions
POLS 2983: Courts & Judicial Process
POLS 3993: Legal Research & Analysis
+ 9 hours of law-related electives in political science, agriculture, engineering, business, philosophy, psychology, and/or sociology as listed in the current academic catalog

Contact Vincent Burke, the department's Undergraduate Senior Academic Advisor, at  405-744-5570 or vincent.burke@okstate.edu if you have any additional questions.

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