Kristin Olofsson

Assistant Professor

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214 Social Sciences and Humanities

Twitter: @k_olofsson

PhD, University of Colorado, Denver, School of Public Affairs, 2019
Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Olofsson specializes in environmental and energy policy. She uses comparative research design to focus on the dynamics of policy coalitions and networks of policy actors engaged in policymaking.  She is a former National Science Foundation (NSF) Sustainability Research Networks AirWaterGas Student Research Fellow and an NSF Research Coordination Networks Sustainable Cities Student Fellow.

She explores differentiation in institutional settings to better understand how the people involved in the policy process shape policy outcomes. Her research questions the rational capabilities of policy actors and questions how decisions are made in contentious politics. Dr. Olofsson often uses survey data to explore political behavior and utilizes network analysis and geospatial modeling.  

Research Interests

Public Policy, Energy/Environmental Policy, Political Behavior, Political Psychology

Google Scholar profile

Recent Publications

    • Heikkila, Tanya, Christopher M. Weible, Kristin L. Olofsson, Jennifer Kagan, Jongeun You, and Jill Yordy. 2021. “The Structure of Environmental Governance: How Public Policies Connect and Partition California’s Oil and Gas Policy Landscape.” Journal of Environmental Management 284:
    • Park, KyuDong and Kristin L. Olofsson. 2020. “Comparing Online Policy Networks: The Cases of Hydraulic Fracturing Regulation in Colorado.” Modern Society & Public Administration 30 (3): 167-199.
    • Olofsson, Kristin L., Juniper Katz, Daniel Costie, Tanya Heikkila, & Christopher M. Weible. 2018. A Dominant Coalition and Policy Change: The Development of Shale Oil and Gas in India. Journal of Environmental Policy & Planning 20(5): 645-660.
    • Olofsson, Kristin L. 2018. Perceptions of Contentiousness: How Individual Traits Shape Environmental Policy Conflicts. In Environmental Policy and the Pursuit of Sustainability, Chelsea Shelly and Aparajita Banerjee (eds.). London, United Kingdom: Routledge.