Stephen Nemeth

Associate Professor, Director of Graduate Studies

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215 Social Sciences and Humanities

Twitter: @iamnemeth
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PhD, University of Iowa, 2010
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Dr. Stephen Nemeth teaches courses in International Relations, with a focus on terrorism, conflict studies, and international environmental politics.  His research focuses on the influence of organizational and spatial attributes of domestic terrorism. His work on terrorist organizations focuses on the ways that organizational characteristics – such as size, age, ideology, and sponsorship – affect their level of activity and their interactions with other terrorist organizations. His spatial research uses Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to determine why some locations suffer more domestic terrorism than others.

His work has been published in Journal of Politics, Journal of Conflict Resolution, and Political Research Quarterly. One of his co-authored projects on resolving maritime disputes has also been featured on the Piracy Studies blog, the research portal for maritime security issues.

Research Interests

International Relations, Terrorism, Civil Wars, Environmental Politics

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