Undergraduate Teaching Assistantships

Undergraduate students can help build their resume and earn 3 hours of course credit for POLS 3090: Teaching Practicum by serving as a teaching assistant/discussion leader for POLS 1113: American Government. 

We are currently in the process of revising the application process for the Fall 2019 semester, so be sure to check back later for more information.  

Graduate Teaching Assistantships

Promising Masters students have the opportunity to gain first-hand teaching experience by serving as a Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA).  This position provides tuition waiver benefits, helping to make the cost of graduate education more affordable to many students.  

A Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA) must be admitted to and meet the requirements of the Graduate College, be fully admitted to a graduate program, enrolled, and be under the supervision of an appropriate graduate faculty member. In consultation with the supervisor, the GTA works to gain instructional skills and an increased understanding of the discipline. The GTA is provided a stipend and their primary responsibilities are to support the University's instructional mission.  Services provided by a GTA may include: classroom or laboratory teaching; advising and mentoring of students; proctoring examinations; grading papers, homework, and/or projects; accompanying/coaching musical or vocal performances, providing artistic instruction or assisting with preparation and management of materials and programs that are utilized in imparting knowledge or in the instructional process; or providing other general assistance in the instruction process.  A GTA may be assigned primary responsibilities in an extension, outreach, or service role for which those responsibilities support the instructional mission of the University. GTAs may not be given duties to support faculty research or those primarily clerical in nature.

“Performing degree-related professional or administrative services” does not include jobs that are outside of the student's field of study.

For more information regarding Graduate Assistantships/Associates, please visit the Graduate College.