Hannah Atkins Lecturer Dispells Myths About Voter Fraud in the US

kimball photo02On March 4. 2020, Dr. David C. Kimball, Professor of Political Science University of Missouri in St. Louis, presented on “Public Images and Beliefs about Voter Fraud.” He began his talk by highlighting how rare voter fraud really is in the United States, further pointing out that there is no evidence that voter fraud nor voter suppression efforts have changed an election result in any recent local, state, or national elections in the US.   He then moved on to explain his current research on people's belief about voter fraud in the US.  Based on an original survey he conducted, his research highlights how public opinion is influenced by political rhetoric that links voter fraud with fear of immigrants and people of color.

This talk was recorded as a Facebook Live event, and is publically available for viewing on our department Facebook page.

In addition to his guest lecture, Dr. Kimball also visited Dean Glen Krutz’s class on “Lobbying: the Art of Influence and Manipulation.”

Dr. Kimball is a Professor and Graduate Director of Political Science at the University of Missouri in St. Louis.  His specializes in American government, election administration, political parties, public opinion, voting behavior and interest groups. He has co-authored three books on these topics: Helping America VoteLobbying and Policy Change, and Why Americans Split Their Tickets.  He is also the co-editor of Controversies in Voting Behavior.  In addition to his research and teaching, Dr. Kimball has also participated as an expert in several court cases on election administration, voting rights, and redistricting.