Alee and Adam Gossen Give Back to OSU

Photo of the Gossen's in front of Murray HallThe Gossen's visit Murray Hall back in Spring 2015.

Alee and Adam Gossen endowed a scholarship to benefit both the Political Science and Biosystems Engineering Departments as a way to give back for the quality education they received here at OSU. Adam and Alee are lifetime members of the Alumni Association and have made it a priority to support student scholarships since they left campus. 

Alee is a 2008 graduate and holds an Honors Degree (B.A.) in Political Science, with minors in Religious Studies and Emergency Management.  She went on to receive her law degree from the University of Oklahoma School of Law.  Adam graduated in 2007 with a B.S. in Biosystems Engineering. 

The Gossens are as Loyal and True and they come!  Adam and Alee met cheering on our OSU Cowboy basketball team and rarely miss a sporting event.  You may recognize Alee as a recent finalist on the Rachel Ray show, representing OSU during its special college basketball episode, "Lunch and Dinner Cook-Off." 

Alee had a few things to add about their shared OSU experience and recent philanthropy:

Q: What do you value most about your OSU Political Science Degree?  Do you think it prepared you for law school?  

A:  My degree helped prepare me for my career path.  It gave me a basic foundation for understanding where laws come from, and made it easier for me to understand many of the issues addressed in law school classes.  

Q:  Did you have a favorite professor when you were at OSU?

A: Yes!  My favorite professor in Political Science was Dr. Neal, and my favorite in my minor of Religious Studies was Dr. Thompson.

Q: Why did you and Adam decide to support the department with an endowed scholarship?  

A: We wanted to create a scholarship that we could have a say in.  We had been donating for years to the department in the general scholarship fund, but we were finally at the point we were able to do an endowment and we liked the amount of involvement the donor has in the process.

Q: What would you tell others who are thinking about supporting the Political Science Department?  

A:  Something else we liked about the endowment is that it lasts forever…the endowment is a great way to go because it continues to support the department without you having to continue to make donations (unless you just want to of course!).  You can also tie your Estate Planning to your endowment.  This is a great way to have your planned gift set up in advance.  You know the requirements of the scholarship are going to be what you want because you've already set it up, and all you have to do is designate it as a beneficiary in your will or trust. 

The Political Science department has been great to us as donors as well.  As a former Political Science student, I know how much they appreciate the scholarships, so that makes us feel really good about what we are giving.  

Thanks, Alee and Adam, for your continued support!