Department of Political Science Advisory Board
Oklahoma State University

Adopted Nov. 16 2020


For its history, the Department of Political Science at Oklahoma State University has sought to extend the boundaries of our discipline and to contribute to a better understanding of political actors, institutions, and issues. To continue this long tradition of excellence, the Department has established the Political Science Advisory Board to help strengthen and sustain its excellence in research, teaching, and service, improve its facilities, expand its financial resources, and serve its alumni.


Members are invited by the Department Head to serve on the Board and will serve at the Head’s discretion for one year. The Department Head consults with Board Members and the Department before extending invitations. Under normal circumstances, members can serve for a maximum of 5 years, however, the Department Head can make extension in cases of exemplary performance, and with the consent of the board. The Department Head will affirm Board Members’ interest in extending their membership annually. The Board will consist of 5 to 20 members. The Board, with the advice and consent of the Department Head and the Department, may add additional members. The Head may in extraordinary circumstances ask for a member to step down

While membership on the Board is open to all alumni of the Department, 2 seats on the Board will be reserved for alumni who have graduated within the last decade. These members are exempted from any giving requirements that may be established by the Board. These members will be selected by the Department Head, in consultation with the Department and Board.

The Department Head is an ex-officio member of the Board. The immediate past Department Head, or a faculty member appointed by the department, will serve as an advisor to the Board. This person will act as a liaison between the board and the department, but will not having voting powers on the board.


Officers of the Advisory Board are the President and Vice President, elected by the Board. All officers must be Board members. The Board, with the advice and consent of the Department Head and the Department, may add additional officers. All elected officers serve a term of two years and until their successors are elected. If an office becomes vacant between elections, the President shall fill the office by appointment. If a vacancy occurs in the office of the President, the Department Head shall appoint a Board member to serve as President. All officers appointed between elections serve until the next election of officers and the election of their successor. Officers will be elected at the spring semester Board meeting every other year beginning in 2021.

Board members may nominate themselves or another Board member for office by submitting a nominee’s name and the office for which they are nominated in writing to the President at least 10 business days before the Board meeting at which the election is held. The President may ask for additional nominations from the floor during the Board meeting at which the election takes place and will conduct the election. Board members attending the meeting by telephone, video conference, or electronically can cast their vote by communicating their choice for each office to the President during the election. If there is only one candidate for an office, the Board may elect them to the office by a voice vote or by a written ballot. If there are two or more candidates for an office, the Board must fill the office by written ballot. The candidate receiving the most votes cast will be elected to office. If two candidates for an office receive the same number of votes, the tie will be broken by a flip of a coin. If more than two candidates for an office receive the same number of votes, the tie will be broken by a series of coin flips between the candidates in a manner determined by the President.

The first President and Vice President will be selected by the Department Head and will serve for two years.


The Advisory Board will meet on campus annually in the spring semester. The Department Head and Board President will set the agenda and convene the meeting. Individual meetings and conference calls may be scheduled as needed between annual meetings. Board members assume the costs of travel and lodging for the annual meetings. While members are expected to be on campus for meetings, remote participation is acceptable as long as the president and 50% of those attending are in-person. Any member participating electronically shall be counted towards establishing a quorum.

Board Goals and Responsibilities

Goals and activities of the Board will change as Department needs change and as the expertise and interests of Board members change. Board goals and activities may include:

  • Providing guidance and counsel on an ad-hoc basis to students, alumni, and the faculty.
  • Serving as mentors to students and new graduates, while identifying and developing student internships, experiential/practical application learning opportunities, career workshops, and course enhancements. 
  • Assisting the Department in planning and implementing development campaigns, public relations efforts, and public service programs.
  • Providing advice/assistance on activities, events and outreach to effectively engage alumni in the goals of the Board and Department.

Financial Support for Board Goals

Because an important purpose of the Department Advisory Board is to support Department development and activities, each Board member is asked to give at least $1,000 annually to the Department of Political Science Development Fund at the OSU Foundation. These gifts may be used at the discretion of the Department to support activities such as faculty and student research, teaching initiatives, professional travel, outreach, publications, conferences, and Board initiatives.