How to Apply

Students interested in applying should personally email the following documents to

    • A CV (resume) describing your leadership and service activities
    • A brief personal statement

Appliants must also select three recommenders to complete an evaluation form (downloadable here) and submit a letter of recommendation on their behalf (or provide additional comments at the end of the evaluation form).

Recommendations returned by students will NOT be accepted.  Instead, all recommenders should return their evaluation form and any additional letters directly to  Therefore, to help your recommenders complete their part of the application process, we suggest that students copy and paste the following in an email to your recommenders:

Thank you for agreeing to provide a recommendation on my behalf to the Department of Political Science Scholarship Committee.  To complete your recommendation, please click on the following URL to download the form:

Once you have completed the form, save it, then email the completed form to   Please include my first and last name in the subject line of the email.  

We encourage students to follow up with their recommendation requests.  For those students who submit their applications in advance, we will let them know by January 20, 2017 whether any of their recommendations are missing.   

Who should recommend you?

The scholarship committee requires that at least two of your recommenders be an OSU faculty member, and at least one MUST be a member of the Department of Political Science.

Given the expectations of the scholarships, we suggest that you select a slate of recommenders who, together, can speak to your performance on all of the qualifications described on the undergraduate scholarship page.

Application Deadline

All material must be received by the committee no later than February 2, 2017.