Matthew Cawvey

 Visiting Assistant Professor

Matthew Cawvey  

Contact Information

206 Murray Hall
(405) 744-xxxx

Research Interests

Comparative Political Behavior
Political Psychology
Protest Participation

Ph.D., Political Science, University of Illinois, 2017

Matthew Cawvey teaches courses in comparative politics. His fall 2017 classes at OSU consist of two sections of Politics of Western Europe (undergraduate level) and one section of ProSeminar in Comparative Politics (graduate level). In summer 2015, he taught an independent section of Introduction to Comparative Politics during his graduate career at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

His research concentrates on the psychological underpinnings of democratic citizenship. For his dissertation, he studied the impact of personality traits on attitudes toward the political system, and examined whether these attitudes mediate the relationship between personality traits and political participation. Survey data for the dissertation came from as many as 24 countries. Beyond his dissertation, his collaborative research has been published, or is forthcoming, in the International Journal of Public Opinion Research, the International Review of Victimology, the Oxford Handbook of Social and Political TrustOxford Research Encyclopedia of Politics, and the Journal of Current Southeast Asian Affairs.

Recent Publications

    • Cawvey, Matthew, Matthew Hayes, Damarys Canache, and Jeffery J. Mondak. Forthcoming. “Biological and Psychological Influences on Interpersonal and Political Trust.” In Eric Uslaner, ed., Oxford Handbook of Social and Political Trust. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
    • Cawvey, Matthew, Matthew Hayes, Damarys Canache, and Jeffery J. Mondak. Forthcoming. “Personality and Victimization in the Americas.” International Review of Victimology.
    • Cawvey, Matthew, Matthew Hayes, Damarys Canache, and Jeffery J. Mondak. 2017. “Personality and Political Behavior.” Politics: Oxford Research Encyclopedias.
    • Hibbing, Matthew V., Matthew Cawvey, Raman Deol, Andrew J. Bloeser, and Jeffery J. Mondak. Forthcoming. “The Impact of Personality on Response Patterns on Public Opinion Surveys: The Big Five, Extreme Response Style, and Acquiescence Response Style.” International Journal of Public Opinion Research.
    • Winters, Matthew S. and Matthew Cawvey. 2015. “Governance Obstacles to Geothermal Energy Development in Indonesia.” 2015. Journal of Current Southeast Asian Affairs 34: 27–56.