Erica Townsend-Bell

 Assistant Professor


Contact Information

213 Murray Hall
(405) 744-4562

Research Interests

Comparative Race & Gender Politics
Latin American Politics
Social Movements
Qualitative Methods

Ph.D., Political Science, Washington University in St. Louis, 2007

Dr. Erica Townsend-Bell is Assistant Professor of Political Science (Ph.D). Washington University 2007. She teaches courses in race and gender politics, social movements and qualitative methods, with an expertise in intersectionality, comparative equality, and Latin American politics.

Her research areas focus on the normative implementation of intersectionality, comparative racial politics, and the politics of inclusion.  Her work has been published in Political Research Quarterly, Signs, The Oxford Handbook of Gender and Politics, Politics and Gender, and Palgrave's intersectionality series, among other outlets. She is currently working on a book manuscript, Incorporating Difference: Implementing Intersectionality in Latin America.

Recent Publications

    • Townsend-Bell, Erica. Forthcoming. “Timid Imposition: Intersectional Travel and Affirmative Action in Uruguay.”  Bringing Intersectionality to Public Policy.
    • Townsend-Bell, Erica. "Whitening via Erasure: Space, Place, and the Census in Costa Rica.”  2014.  Journal of Latin American and Iberian Studies, JILAR, 20(3): 436-454.
    • Townsend-Bell, Erica. "Intersectional Advances?: Inclusionary and Intersectional State Action in Uruguay." 2013. In Situating Intersectionality, ed. Angelia Wilson, Politics of Intersectionality Series. New York: Palgrave Macmillan, pages 43-62.
    • Townsend-Bell, Erica and Dara Z. Strolovitch. "Sex, Gender, and Civil Society," 2013. In Oxford Handbook of Gender and Politics, pages 367-389.
    • Townsend-Bell, Erica. 2012. "Writing the Way to Feminism." Signs: Journal of Women and Culture in Society 38(1): 127-152.
    • Townsend-Bell, Erica. 2011. "What is Relevance? Defining Intersectional Praxis in Uruguay." Political Research Quarterly. 64(1): 187-199.