Haley Murphy

Assistant Professor


Contact Information

232 Murray Hall
(405) 744-2358

Research Interests

Disaster Management
Nonprofit Management
Local Government

PhD, University of Oklahoma, 2014

Dr. Haley Murphy is an Assistant Professor of Political Science.  She primarily teaches public administration courses to both Political Science majors and minors and Fire and Emergency Management graduate students.  Her research focuses on collaboration between nonprofit organizations, religious organizations, and government agencies, particularly after disasters. 

In addition, Dr. Murphy studies local government management and collaboration across government agencies and the nonprofit and private sectors. Her research has been published, or is forthcoming in Risks, Hazards, and Crisis in Public PolicyandNonprofit Policy Forum.

Recent Publications

    • Murhpy, Haley and Jason Pudlo. 2017. Bridging Cultures: Nonprofit, Church, and Emergency Management Agency Collaboration after the May 2013 Oklahoma Tornado Outbreak. Journal of Emergency Management, 15, 3, 157-174.
    • Murphy, Haley. 2017. Professional and Organizational Diversity: The Importance of Understanding Differences among Subfields in the Nonprofit Sector. Nonprofit Education and Leadership, 7, 1, 59-79.
    • Murphy, Haley and Robbie Waters Robichau. 2016. "Government/Nonprofit Relationships and Organizational Capacity: The Case of Child Welfare Nonprofits." Nonprofit Policy Forum, 7, 3, 339-367.
    • Robinson, Scott E., Haley Murphy, and Angela Bies. 2014. “Structured to Partner: School District Collaboration with Nonprofit Organizations in Disaster Response.” Journal of Risk, Hazards, and Crisis in Public Policy, 5, 1, 77-95.
    • Robinson, Scott E. and Haley Murphy. 2013. "Frontiers for the Study of Nonprofit Organizations in Disasters." Journal of Risk, Hazards, and Crisis in Public Policy, 4, 2, 128-134.