Jeanette Mendez

Professor, Interim Dean of Arts & Sciences


Contact Information

201 Life Sciences East
(405) 744-5663

Research Interests

American Politics
Political Communication
Political Psychology
Social Networks
Identity Politics
Women and Politics
PhD, Indiana University, 2003

JEANETTE MOREHOUSE MENDEZ joined the OSU faculty in 2005 and is currently a Professor of Political Science and Associate Dean for Research and Facilities within the College or Arts and Science. Prior to becoming Associate Dean, she previously served as Interim Associate Dean of Research (2014-2015) and Department Head (2011-2014; 2015-2017).. Mendez graduated from Santa Clara University in 1998, receiving a B.S. in Combined Sciences. From there, she went to Indiana University, earning a M. A. in Political Science in 2000 and a Ph.D. in Political Science in 2003. Mendez then became an assistant professor of Political Science at University of Houston (2003-2005).

Mendez’s research focuses primarily on political information processing, political behavior and political communication.  Her recent work includes studying gendered patterns in elections, gender in discussion networks, the effects of facial appearance on perceptions of maturity, competence and vote choice, and the effects of gender on representation when legislative seats change hands.  Her new book (co-authored with Rebekah Herrick), Descriptive Elections, explores campaign dynamics and outcomes when women are candidates.

Her work has been published in journals including Journal of Politics, Political Research Quarterly,Social Science Quarterly, Political Psychology, Politics and Gender, Journal of Women, Politics and Policy, PS: Political Science and Politics, Journal of Media Psychology, and the Journal of Political Science.  Mendez is currently the co-editor of Political Research Quarterly.  Mendez continues to teach courses in Public Opinion, Voting and Elections, and Survey Research.

Recent Publications

    • Mendez, Jeanette Morehouse and Rebekah Herrick. 2016.  Descriptive Elections: Empowering the American Electorate.  Lexington Press.
    • Mendez, Jeanette Morehouse and Jesse Perez Mendez. Forthcoming. “The Interaction of Faculty Gender and Student Preference of Professor Selection.” NASPA Journal About Women in Higher Education.
    • Mendez, Jeanette Morehouse and Jesse Perez Mendez. Forthcoming. "Student Inferences based on Facial Appearance." Higher Education.
    • Herrick, Rebekah, Jeanette Morehouse Mendez, and Ben Pryor. 2015. "Razor's Edge: The Politics of Facial Hair." Social Science Quarterly, 96, 5, 1301-1313.
    • Pryor, Ben, Jeanette Morehouse Mendez, and Rebekah Herrick. 2014. "Let's be Fair: Do Polling Places Prime Voters?" Journal of Political Sciences and Public Affairs, 2, 126.
    • Mendez, Jeanette, Morehouse and Jesse Perez Mendez. 2013. "Public Perceptions towards College Financial Aid Policies for Native Americans." Journal of American Indian Education, 52, 1, 45-64.
    • Herrick, Rebekah, Jeanette Morehouse Mendez, Sue Thomas and Amanda Wilkerson. 2012. "Gender and Perceptions of Candidate Competency." Journal of Women, Politics and Policy, 33, 2, 126-150.
    • Stern, Michael J., Jolene D. Smythe, and Jeanette Morehouse Mendez. 2012. "The Effects of Item Saliency and Question Design on Measurement Error in Self-Administered Surveys." Field Methods, 24, 1, 3-27.