Rebekah Herrick



Contact Information

218 Murray Hall
(405) 744-8437

Research Interests

American Politics

PhD, University of Nebraska, 1991

Rebekah Herrick is a professor of political science at Oklahoma State University. She earned her PhD from the University of Nebraska in 1991. Her primary research interests concern issues of representation particularly as they relate gender and legislatures.  Other areas of interest concern congressional careers and political ambition.  She has published three books and her work has appeared in The Journal of Politics, Social Science Quarterly, Legislative Studies Quarterly, American Political Research, State Politics and Policy Quarterly as well as several other more specialized journals such as Women and Politics and The Journal of Homosexuality.  She is currently working on a textbook on the Representation of Minorities in the US.

Recent Publications

    • Rebekah Herrick. 2018. "The Gender Gaps in Identity and Political Attitudes Among American Indians." Politics & Gender, 14, 2: 186-207.
    • Rebekah Herrick. 2016. Descriptive Elections: Empowering the American Electorate. Lexington Books.
    • Rebekah Herrick. 2016. Minority Representation in American Politics. CQ/Sage.
    • Rebekah Herrick, Jeannette Morehouse Mendez, and Ben Pryor. 2015. The Razor's Edge: The Politics of Facial Hair. Social Science Quarterly. 96, 5: 1301-1313.