Marcus Hendershot

Clinical Associate Professor


Contact Information

203 Murray Hall
(405) 744-5640

Research Interests

Judicial Politics
Fire & Emergency Management
Research Methods

PhD, Washington University, St. Louis, MA

Dr. Hendershot is broadly interested in questions involving long term institutional changes and the intersection between judicial and elected branch actors. He has conducted research about the growing conflict within the lower federal court appointment process and the resulting effects on judicial decision-making. He has studied the hisotrical demise of consensual norms on the U.S. Supreme Court and tied those changes to the alteration of the Court's agenda powers. Currently, he is engaged in a measurement project for landmark status for the U.S. Supreme Court that will further efforts to understand inter-branch relationships during landmark policy innovations.

He also teaches research methods courses within the department's Fire and Emergency Management Program.

Recent Publications

    • Hendershot, Marcus E., Mark S. Hurwitz, Drew Noble Lanier, Richard L. Pacelle, Jr. 2013 "Dissensual Decision-Making: Revisiting the Demise of Consensual Norms within the U.S. Supreme Court." Political Research Quarterly, 66, 2: 467-481.
    • Hendershot, Marcus E. and H. Christian Tecklenburg. 2011. Controlling for District Court Judges' Preferences. Justice System Journal, 31, 1: 88-110.