Political science covers more than just American politics.  In fact, 2 of our major subfields - International Relations and Comparative Politics - specifically focus on key issues in global politics such as conflict, diplomacy, international law, political culture, and economic development.  Students interested in these topics would especially benefit from international travel, and we are happy to work with you and the OSU Study Abroad Office in finding a program that best suits your interest. 

Students should also check out the OSU Scholarships & Grants page from the School of Global Studies and Partnerships and the Study Abroad Scholarships page from the College of Arts and Sciences.  They list different funding opportunities that can help support international study and travel.  Students should be sure to check out the Bailey Family Memorial Scholarship, which has an application deadline in early February. 

Upcoming Political Science Study Abroad Opportunities

italy 2019

cas ireland

Learn more about the Summer 2019 CAS Ireland program and apply here.

Past Political Science Study Abroad Trips

Counterinsurgency and Counterterrorism, "The British Experience"

Political Science professors Dr. Nemeth and Dr. Hansen served as co-instructors for OSU's 2016 Cambridge Scholars Program.  During the summer, they traveled with a group of students to Cambridge, England and Belfast, Northern Ireland.

If you would like to read what the students wrote and produced during the trip (still a work in progress!), you should check out our blog at http://cambridgecowboys.blogspot.com/