Degree Requirements

Beyond the general education requirements, students who wish to major in Political Science must complete a total of 45 credit hours, maintain a minimum GPA of 2.5 and receive a "C" or better in each course. 

For a full course description of POLS-designated classes, consult this list of undergraduate political science courses.   

All political science majors are required to take the following courses:

    • POLS 2013 (Intro to World Pol)  or  POLS 2113 (Intro to Comp Pol)
    • POLS 3103 (Intro to Pol Inquiry)
    • POLS 3663 (Intro to Pol Thought)
    • POLS 4903 (Capstone)

The remaining credit hours should be filled by upper-division electives, which can include courses from ECON, ENGL, ENVR, FLL, FPST, GEOG, HIST, MGMT, PHIL, PSYC, REL, SOC.1  This allows our majors to pick and chose the courses that most appeal to them, or personalize their degree with a related minor.  The Political Science Department offers the following minors:

Applied Politics
Emergency Management
Environmental Economics, Politics, and Policy
Legal Studies
Political Information and Security Analysis

Alternatively, students could use their political science courses to fulfill minors offered by other departments, including:

Asian Studies
Central Asian Studies
European Studies
Gender and Women's Studies
Hispanic and Latin American Studies
International Studies
Russian and East European Studies

The only requirement is that at least 3 of these courses (totaling 9 hours) must include 3 different political science subfields2:

    • American Politics: select from 3353, 3414, 3453, 3483, 3513, 3523, 3533, 3613, 3683, 3953, 3973, 4000, 4623, 4693
    • Comparative Politics: select from 3003, 3053, 3123, 3143, 3163, 3193, 3223, 3313, 4020, 4223

15 hours in one foreign language or equivalent proficiency on the plan.

    • International Relations: select from 3033, 3043, 4010, 4013, 4053, 4113

15 hours in one foreign language or equivalent proficiency on the plan.

    • Political Theory: select from 3663, 4553, 4573, 4653, 4670
    • Pre-Law/Public Law: select from 3983, 3993, 4353, 4363, 4963, 4973, 4980
    • Public Policy/Emergency Management: select from
      • Public Policy: 3493, 4403, 4413, 4453, 4593
      • Emergency Management: 3733, 3763, 3813, 3893

The 2016-2017 registrar's worksheet for a BA in political science can be found here, with the BS worksheet available here.  Those matriculating in or before the most recent Academic Year should refer to this website to review their requirements.

Contact Vincent Burke, the department's Undergraduate Senior Academic Advisor, at (405)744-5569 or if you have additional questions.

1 With approval from the adviser and department head, a maximum of 30 hours from an accredited doctoral health program may be used for up to 15 hours of upper-division related courses and 15 hours of electives.

2 With permission from the department, students participating in an internship may enroll in POLS 3100 (Pol Science Internship) and receive up to 6 credit hours in one of these subfields.