Masters in Political Science

Our Master of Arts degree in Political Science is designed to prepare students for academic careers as well as careers in state, local, and federal government, public service, international affairs, and other interesting professional paths. Our graduates often go on to Ph.D. programs or pursue careers as lobbyists, congressional staffers, city managers attorneys, and public program managers.  Students in the M.A. program are expected to complete coursework and develop a basic knowledge in the major sub-fields of political science:


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American Politics: Students specializing in American government study the current and classical scholarly literature in American government regarding Congress, presidency, courts, elections, public opinion, interest groups, and parties.

Comparative Politics: This subfield exposes the student to theories and approaches concerning relationships between states and society and how governments function throughout the world. OSU faculty members have area specialties focusing on Europe, Central and Southeast Asia, Latin America, and Africa.

International Relations: The international relations subfield concerns the relationships between and among states, nongovernmental organizations, intergovernmental organizations, as well as U.S. foreign policy. Areas of focus include international political economy, the United Nations, international organizations, and security.

Since the graduate program in Political Science was established in 1946, it has awarded M.A. degrees to hundreds of students from more than a dozen countries.

Our program offers funding to support your graduate studies, often in the form of teaching assistantships with our undergraduate Introduction to American Government class.  These teaching assistantships help build fundamental skills, but are also rewarding because it gives our grad students the opportunity to help instill a greater sense of citizenship and a more enthusiastic understanding of American political processes in a new generation of students. 


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