Students wishing to complete a minor in Africana Studies must complete 18 upper-division hours.

3 hours from one of the following courses:

POLS 3953   Minorities in the American Political System
GEOG 3763    Geography of Africa
HIST 4153   African American History, 1619-1865
HIST 4163   African American History, 1865-present

6 hours from the following

ENGL 3193    African-American Literature
PSYC 4133   Multicultural Psychology
SOC 3133   Racial & Ethnic Relations

9 hours from the following:

POLS 3973   Race, Politics, and Sports
ANTH 3353    Cultural Anthropology
GWST 3613   Race and Reproduction in the U.S.
HIST 3503   Islamic Civilization 600-1800
HIST 4173   Black Intellectual History
MGMT 4213   Managing Diversity in the Workplace
SOC 4383   Social Stratification

All students seeking to complete a minor must maintain a GPA of at least 2.5, with no grade below a "C."