Students wishing to complete a minor in Political Information & Security Analysis must complete 18 upper-division hours.

Required: 9 hours

POLS 2013    Intro to World Politics      
POLS 4000   Security Analysis & Briefining      
POLS 3103   Legal Research & Analysis or POLS 4013    American Foreign Policy

Electives: 9 hours; must take at least 1 course from each category

Category A:

AERO 4103    National Security Affairs I
AERO 4203   National Security Affairs II
ECON 4213   Econometric Methods
GEOG 2343   Intro to Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
POLS 3493   Public Policy Process

Category B:

ECON 3613    National Security Affairs I
ECON 4643   National Security Affairs II
GEOG 3133   Econometric Methods
HIST 4353   Intro to Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
POLS 3033   International Law
POLS 4000   Topics in Amer Pol (Natl Security & the Law)
POLS 4010   Topics in IR (Intrastate Conflict)
POLS 4043   Politics of the Global Economy

All students seeking to complete a minor must maintain a GPA of at least 2.5, with no grade below a "C."