Students wishing to complete a minor in Legal Studies must complete 18 upper-division hours.

Required: 9 hours

POLS 2023    The Individuals & the Law  or  HONR 2013    Honors Law & Legal Institutions
POLS 3983   Courts & Judicial Process        
POLS 3993   Legal Research & Analysis        

Electives: 9 hours

AGEC 3713    Ag Law
ENGR 4103   Impact of Law on Engineering Practice
ENGR 4133   Environ Reg for Tech Professionals
LSB 3213   Legal & Reg Environ in Business
PHIL 3843   Philosophy of Law
POLS 4353   Administrative Law
POLS 4363   Environmental Law
POLS 4963   US Constitution: Civil Rights
POLS 4973   US Constitution: Civil Liberties
POLS 4980   Topics in Public Law
PSYC 4143   Psychology & Law
SOC 4443   Sociology of Law & Legal Institutions

All students seeking to complete a minor must maintain a GPA of at least 2.5, with no grade below a "C."