Students wishing to complete a minor in Environmental Economics, Politics, & Policy must complete 21 upper-division hours.

Required: 12 hours

AGEC 1113    Intro to Ag Econ (S)  or  ECON 2103    Intro to Micro Econ (S)
AGEC 3503   Natural Resource Econ  or
ECON 3903   Econ of the Environ (S)


POLS 3493   Public Policy

and one of the following:

AGEC 3503   Environmental Econ
POLS 4363   Incident Mgmt & Tactical Operations
POLS 4593   Terrorism & Emergency Mgmt

Electives: 8-9 hours from the following courses

AGEC 3703   Issues in Ag Policy
AGEC 3713   Ag Law
AGEC 4503   Environ Econ & Resource Develop
AGEC 4703   American Ag Policy
ECON 3113   Intermediate Microecon
ENVR 4512   Environmental Impact Analysis
GEOG 3153   Conservation of Natural Resources
GEOG 4233   Human Dimensions of Global Envr Change
HIST 4523   Amer Environmental History
LA 4433   Land Use & Community Planning
LA 4583   Landscape Environ Planning
NREM 3323   Forest Econ & Finance
NREM 4473   Global Issues of Water & Ecosystem Mgmt
NSCI 3543   Food & the Human Environ
POLS 2033   Intro to Public Admin
POLS 4353   Administrative Law
POLS 4363   Environmental Law
POLS 4593   Nat Resources & Environ Policy
SOC 4433   Environ Sociology
SOC 4453   Environ Inequality
SOC 4473   Oklahoma Environ Sociology
SOC 4533   World Population Problems

All students seeking to complete this minor must maintain a GPA of at least 2.0 and complete at least 9 hours of upper-division courses at OSU.